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Behind the Tune: Sunrise

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Hello listener! Welcome to my “Behind the Tune” blog series, where I talk about the emotions and intentions behind each song that I write and produce. Every one of my songs has a widely different sound, style, and meaning, thus it is very important to me that you, as the listener, are able to connect with the different tracks that I write. In this post we will focus in on my biggest hit to date, “Sunrise”. I think that arguably the largest reason that “Sunrise” has been such a fan favorite is due to its positive demeanor. I have found throughout my life, that most people do not intentionally want to be unhappy, or negative. That seems relatively common sense right? People are naturally attracted to optimism, good vibes, and joyful emotion. When we find something that displays this positivity, whether it be music, a piece of art, or maybe somewhere in nature, we are more attracted to it. I think that “Sunrise” displays this optimistic spirit, and this has been a key in the success of the song thus far.

To take it another step further, I did my best attempt to translate this positive vibe into the track. By using major chord progressions, strong harmony presence, and a variety of rhythmic percussion, all of these components combine to form a contagiously “happy” sound. The result is a sunshine tune that is easy to listen to, and maybe more importantly, easy to smile to.

“Sunrise” does have a love element to it as well. The story that the song tells is about someone who can’t wait until the morning, because the morning is the beginning of a new day, and a new day means a new opportunity to see the person who makes you smile. This portrayed feeling is similar to what one feels when having a crush and getting the butterflies when you see that person. While you are kind of nervous-excited, you also cant stop looking forward to seeing that person!

As a whole, I believe that “Sunrise” is relatable, and it’s definitely a mood booster, and between the two of these I would say mission accomplished on this tune. Thank you all for listening to this track so much - now stop reading, go listen, and go get happy!

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