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Behind The Tune: Timing

Hello there! Welcome back to another round of my "Behind The Tune" blog series, where I give you a backstage pass into the writing and production behind my tunes. As you have likely caught onto by now, my releases typically vary drastically from one another, each capturing a different genre, tonality, and message. I believe that this is why I enjoy my songwriting and producing so much, due to the fact that each of my tunes really has it's own "stand-alone" character. Today, the release that I will be covering is "Timing". Here we go!

"Timing" tells the story of a young couple dealing with a long-distance relationship. The story begins with a young man boarding a train to head off to college, and leaving his love behind. At that point in their relationship, they are filled with hope, along with the mentality of "we can do anything together, and we have all the time in the world". As the story develops, the young man graduates with his degree, but you can tell that the couple has a sense of losing hope this time around. There is a line that states "said if we wait a few more year then we'll be be free" and this hints to the idea that the relationship continues to be "put on hold"...there is always this idea of "eventually" but will that day ever come?

Enter the bridge section, where the young man states "you'll always have a place in my heart". Here he's admitting and coming to peace with the fact that whatever happens, she will always be and have a part of him. Once he comes to peace with this, we enter the final chorus, where the young man states "Let's forget about the timing and go home".

This song tells a story that I believe many people can relate to. More people, in some sense or another, have dealt with long distance relationships than one would think. My hope is that, for those people, this song provides comfort. For those that have not experienced long-distance relationships, I hope that the "storyteller" aspect of this tune allows them to imagine and transport themselves right into the young couple's journey.

I used a variety of "easy-listening" instrumentation within the production of this track, with the goal being to provide imagery while the listener follows along. The guitar rhythm almost sounds like a train moving, symbolizing the movement of time.

"Timing" was a very fun tune for me to work on, and I hope that you all have enjoyed the tune as you have listened to it. If you have not heard it yet, my challenge for you is to go and listen! If you have listened to it already...firstly, you rock, thank challenge is to listen to it again with a new set of ears now that you have more context. Now go be awesome & I'll catch you all on the next "Behind The Tune"!

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