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Raymond Revel is a singer-songwriter/producer based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Originally from Burbank, California, Revel began creating primarily as a piano-based songwriter, pulling influences from the likes of Billy Joel and Elton John. Raymond was always fascinated by the songwriters of the 70’s, including James Taylor, Carole King & Harry Chapin. However, once Raymond began his experimentation with music production, his songwriting branched out into a variety of sub-genres, where each song began to have its own unique sound and character. Raymond has never enjoyed being pinpointed or “stuck in a box” so what you will find in his catalogue is a wide variety of sounds and musical styles. From laid back singer-songwriter tunes inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Jason Mraz & Ben Rector, to Irish-Pub Tunes, to 80’s influenced pop, you will find a bit of everything in Raymond’s discography. Raymond takes pride in being “consistently inconsistent” and believes that as a songwriter, he will continue to expand into new sounds and ideas. If you enjoy what you hear from Raymond, be sure to follow him on his social media pages below: 

Instagram: @raymondrevelmusic

Facebook: Raymond Revel Music

Twitter: @rayrevelmusic

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