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Raymond Revel is a singer-songwriter/producer born and raised in Burbank, California. With a goal of consistently developing his musical abilities, he writes and produces his own music, and he plays various instruments with his forte (no pun intended) being the piano. Raymond has performed in a variety of styles: as a solo act, as a background singer, with a band, in a cappella groups - you name it, he’s seen it.


As an artist, Raymond focuses on his storytelling and songwriting abilities to produce a variety of music for his fans. His first EP, The Beginning, was recorded when he was in high school. Since then, he has dropped over 10 singles - with his largest hit, "Sunrise" being placed on Spotify's "Discover Weekly" playlist. Each of his songs are very different, but are united by one thing, and that's Raymond's songwriting ability.  Raymond focuses on crafting his songs based on emotion, and not based on genre. The result of this is an authentic, raw sound. Raymond appreciates the beauty of music, and admires the craft of many old and modern songwriters, but also constantly challenges himself to write & produce the best music possible. If you like Raymond’s music, make sure to follow, share and support. Join the journey!

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